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Our sales team wants to get it right the first time.  For this reason we have a low return ratio for wrong models being delivered.  During the sales process we ask many questions about the appliance you are inquiring about so that we  get you the appliance you want.  Measurements, styles, colors are important things to consider before purchasing.  Here are some buying tips to think about before you place an order.


Click any of appliances below to read more about that item before purchasing one at our store. This helps YOU decide on an the exact item you want and helps US find the appliance perfect for you.


Built-in, built-in style, freestanding, side x side, freezer on top, freezer on the bottom, French door styling with freezer on the bottom. So many choices! As a rule of thumb, refrigerators require the most attention to measurements and style. Styles of refrigerators have expanded over recent years to include: true built-in refrigerators (24” deep x 84” high), built-in style refrigerators (28” deep x 72” high), freestanding refrigerators (many deifferent measurements), as well as apartment and dorm style refrigerators. Among some of the styles are side x side, freezer on top, freezer on the bottom, and French door (3 doors). Please measure height, width and depth of the area where the refrigerator is going. Please (and this is very important), measure all door frames leading into the kitchen.


Professional ranges, freestanding, slide-in, drop in, apartment size 20” or 24”. Fueled by gas or electric or dual fuel (both). Convection cooking? Convection uses a fan in the oven to circulate the heat to cook quicker and more even. Glass or coil top for electric

Wall Ovens

Replacing an old wall oven can be tricky. Measurements is a must! Most wall ovens are either 24”, 27” or 30” wide. Height can vary with style. Wall ovens are either fueled by gas or electric. Before purchasing a wall oven, finding out what the cut out dimension (th hole where the wall oven goes into) is most important. The same hold true for cooktops which also come in gas or electric glass top or coil.

Over the Range Microwaves vs. Hoods

When you purchase a new range, you are then faced with the question or whether to install an O.T.R microwave or a hood. O.T.R microwaves have become very popular recently. They serve two purposes. They get the microwave off the counter, saving you space and they have a built-in hood in them. They can be vented by means of recirculation (back into the kitchen with a filter) or vented to the outside. As a rule of thumb, you should measure a minimum of 66” from the bottom of the cabinet above the range to the floor for an O.T.R microwave to work efficiently.


Dishwashers are generally a standard dimension. They either measure 18” apartment size or 24” wide. The tricky part with dishwashers come with the heights. Today's dishwashers are taller than there predecessors, so measuring the height is critical. Generally you must have 34” in height from the floor to the bottom of the counter. If you have less than that then we may be able to supply you with either an A.D.A compliant model to fit in the space . Dishwashers come in a variety of colors with either stainless or plastic interiors.

Washing Machines

There are two types of washers you can shop for today: the traditional top loaders or the newer greener energy saver front loaders. Todays front loaders use up to 60% less water than top loaders. They also use less detergent and since they do not have agitators they are more gentle on your clothes. Given the growing concerns of water consumption and energy use, a front loader appears to be the smart choice when shopping for a new washer. Front load machines also have larger tubs so you can wash more clothes than ever before.

Some manufacturers have introduced energy saver top loaders which are also a smart choice. Also, check out the variety of brilliant colors many manufacturers are offering today with laundry appliances. What is your favorite color? There is probably a washing machine in that color out there for you.


When purchasing a dryer, there are two things to consider: first question is it fueled by gas or electric? And the second question is how large should be capacity be? If you purchase a front load washer you might find that your old dryer does not have the capacity to accommodate the large amounts of clothes the front load washer can wash. Look for a dryer which also has a moisture sensor monitor on it as well as this will shut off the dryer when it senses that the clothes are dry, saving you money.


Disposals come in a variety of sizes. Manufacturers use horsepower to rate the strength of a disposal. The higher the horsepower, the stronger the disposal. Disposals range from ½ horsepower to 1 full horsepower. Manufacturers warranties range from 2 years to 7 years. There are two types of disposals: batch feed and continuous feed. Batch feed disposals will power on when you place the cover over the drain hole and lock it in place. The continuous feed disposals are powered by a switch.

Range Hoods

Range hoods is a product line which has literally exploded over recent years. It seems that every manufacturer has a range hood out these days. The main objective of the range hood is to transport smoke from the range top to either the exterior of the house (ducted) or to re-circulate through filters (ductless). The higher the CFM (cubic feet per minute), the more powerful the hood is.

Range hoods come in a variety of sizes and styles. There are basically 3 types of hoods. Wall hoods are the most traditional and they are mounted on the wall over the range. Typically you would purchase a hood which matches up with the size of range you have. Island hoods hang from the ceiling and “hover” above the range or cooktop. These hoods typically are used when a slide-in range or cooktop are installed in an island. Finally there are hoods which are called telescopic. These hoods are generally installed in an island. They are installed in the counter and rise up behind the cooktop like a telescope. When finished it recedes back down into the counter.

Choosing the right range hood is important. If you have a professional range, you will need a professional hood to be able to absorb the heat generated and transport it out of the kitchen. Too weak of a hood, and you may run the risk of melting the hood by the powerful B.T.U's from the range hood.

Air Conditioners

There are several different things to consider before purchasing an air conditioner. We ask the following questions before our customers purchase an a/c to ensure that you are purchasing the right air conditioner the first time around. There is nothing more frustrating than buying something, only to be disappointed that it doesn't fit etc.

Choosing the right style is the first question. Do you need a window air conditioner or one that is built-in through the wall? In some cases people put a window unit through the wall. You can tell when this happens because the window ac “sticks out” from the house with the louvers showing on the side. Next question is 110v or 220 volt? Most air conditioners above 12,000 B.T.Us (British Thermal Units) are 220 volt and they required a dedicated electrical outlet. Finally, measuring the area you are trying to cool (length and width of each room) will determine what size air conditioner will cool off your space.

There are also other factors to consider in order to determine how many B.T.Us you need, such as the location of openings, doors etc, but measuring the space is a good place to start. As always, Harrison Refrigeration & Appliance offers full professional installation when you purchase your air conditioners from us!


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