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Customer referrals and repeat customers is the cornerstone of Harrison Refrigeration Appliances business philosophy.  We take great pride in our customer service and value each and every customer.

If you are having a problem with your appliance please call and ask for Jimmy in our award winning service department and he will gladly schedule an appointment.  Our experienced service technicians service all major brands, no matter where you bought them.

Perhaps you just need to order a part for your appliance.  Please call and talk to Jimmy in the service and parts department and he will be happy to order any parts you need.  He just needs the manufacturer's model and serial number off the appliance in order to ensure that we are ordering the correct part for you.

Appliance Delivery & Installation

This is the part of business which we feel sets us a part from our competitors.  Our delivery team is second to none.   From the point of sale, scheduling to arrival at your home, we are with you every step of the way.  The delivery team is in constant contact with our customers and the store with direct connect phones to make sure we arrive on time and the delivery process goes smoothly.  We feel the delivery process is a huge part of our business, so we make sure that the delivery team is a much as a part of the business as everyone else. They are the last people who represent our company, so we'd like to make sure everything goes well.

In addition to delivering your new appliance, we offer professional installation as well.  Let our sales staff set up installation for you.  Many customers have commented on how easy we make it for them. We offer installation on everything we sell.

Kitchen Appliance Pricing

Have you heard the slogan “Price without service is no bargain”?  Well, in the appliance business this absolutely holds true.  We at Harrison Refrigeration and Appliance feel that pricing our appliances competitively as well as providing exceptional customer service is what keeps customers coming back.  We are constantly monitoring our competitors pricing to be sure that we are offering you, our customer, the best possible price that we can give.  Keep in mind that if the competition is selling a product for $50 less, but then they are charging you $75 for delivery and that is just to the sidewalk, not even into your home, then definitely that is no bargain!  We like keeping with the company's philosophy which is to fair to the customer as well as the business.
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Extended Warrantee Plans

Although we don't push our customers to purchase extended warranty plans, Harrison Refrigeration and Appliance strongly recommends that our customer purchase an extended warranty contract for your new appliance. 

Extended service contracts kick in after the manufacturer's warranty expires and cost ONLY $75 per year.  You may purchase as many additional years as you would like to, up to 5 years, through us. This would be on top of the manufacturer's 1 year warranty.  Think about it, one service call on your appliance may cover the cost of the extended contract and then some.